Donate to LAHS Athletics


Dear Roman Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),

Over the last several years, we have seen our student enrollment drop severely from 4000 students, to slightly over 1200 students.  The income generated by our student body in years past funded all of our athletic programs.  With student enrollment decreasing, the money produced by the school has dramatically decreased.  As such, it is a constant struggle to find the necessary funding in the area of athletics and extra-curricular programs at Los Angeles High School.

Beginning Fall 2013, the Los Angeles Unified School District stopped funding athletics through the LAUSD City Section Office, and our school was obligated to pay CIF Dues Assessment of approximately $6000.00 per school year. 

As such, Los Angeles High School is encouraging the families of students who participate in athletic and extra-curricular activities to make donations to support the programs from which their children derive so many benefits.  The hope is that such “participation donations” will be able to fill the funding gap caused by the above mentioned reductions, so that decrease or even elimination of programs will not be considered.  In reality, if there are not enough participation donations, there will be cuts that could include fewer teams, programs, coaches, tournaments, etc.

Donations are purely voluntary and no student will be denied access to or participation in any sport or extra-curricular activity, or penalized in any way, based on whether or not his/her family chooses to make a donation or the amount of any such donation.  As with all donations provided to the district by parents and other sponsors, your donation will not be cancelled or reimbursed should your student athlete later resign or be removed from the team roster.

Please make checks payable to Los Angeles High School Athletics and turn them in to the Athletic Department. Your support is greatly appreciated!