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Coaching Requirements

Paid Coaches:

Non- Certificated Athletic Assistant - After a freeze form has been submitted by the school, and you have a tracking number, call Sabrina James for appointment (213) 241-6331 or email

  •  Fingerprinting has been cleared
  •  Negative TB test or Chest X-ray
  •  Current CPR certification (including defibrillator training)
  •  Current First Aid certificate
  •  Certificate of having passed the Coaching Education Class
    • (copy must be sent to LAUSD Athletic Office)
  •  Signed Code of Conduct
  •  Yearly Child Abuse Awareness Training (LAUSD ONLY)


Volunteer Coaches:

After completing all requirements below, call (213) 241-6591 or (213) 241-6140 for an appointment for fingerprints.  You will need a $56.00 Money Order, TB Results taken within the last 60 days, Social Security Card, Current Photo ID, and a letter from the school stating that you will be a volunteer.                                                

  • Fingerprinting  has been cleared
  • Negative TB test or Chest X-ray
  • Certificate of having passed the Coaching Education Class
    • (copy must be sent to Athletic Office)
  • Current CPR certification (including defibrillator training)  (Highly Recommended)
  • Current First Aid certificate (Highly Recommended)
  • Concussion Training (on line )
  • Volunteer Assistant Coach Form on file at your school
  • Volunteer Addition Form to be filled out and sent to the LAUSD Athletics Office
  • Signed Code of Conduct