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Welcome Parents

At Los Angeles High School we believe that Parent Center is a critical and essential link toward creating an integrated and inclusive school environment. At times the center's staff and volunteers can serve as a teacher, social worker, and parent advocate; and plays an important role in breaking down barriers, addressing issues of parent self-esteem, and providing knowledge and information to parents in a language they can understand.

Our Parent Centers provide a safety net for parents to gain know-how across a broad spectrum without embarrassment, provide basic language and social skills and can help parents assimilate to a new culture. It can also provide a portal, which links the surrounding community to the school and vice-versa. In short, the Parent Center is a critical enabler at LAHS to help parents expand their capacity to support their children emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Parent Center Values 
  • Student achievement is defined as every student reaching their full potential
  • Respect is defined as fostering the inherent worth of every individual
  • A strong bond between Parent, Student, and Teacher is critical to achievement
  • LAHS has a unique relationship with its community that can facilitate parent-student-teacher collaboration
  • Our Parent Centers welcomes parents from their school community and conform to their schedules and languages, and provide a list of resources and services.

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