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Spring Semester Calendar of important dates - download documents below
Stay Current on LAUSD and Common Core Updates!
Keep up to date with the most current news about the Common Core assessments by visiting:

You can also get real-time announcements related to LAUSD, ISIC, and the Common Core by following all of the following Twitter accounts:


There is information relevant to parents, educators, students and the entire LAHS community. These accounts are a great way to get news and links to important information on what is happening in the district and with the Common Core.

Ride the technology wave and follow now!
Information on Section 504 and Special Education Rights
Please click here to access materials with information about Section 504 and Special Education Rights.
*IMPORTANT: California State Assessment Changes
Assembly Bill 484 signed into law, modifying the California assessment process for all students in the state. Please click here for more information.