LA High Athletics - Program Information

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide structured athletic programs which complement and support our academic offerings by stressing a commitment to hard work, dedication, and perseverance.
We Believe...
  • The athletic program is an integral part of the high school experience.
  • The dignity, worth, and self-esteem of participants should be paramount in all athletic activities.
  • Open communication and mutual respect among coaches, parents, and athletes provide the foundation of a successful athletic program.
  • The most important result of competition is the development of life-long values and skills.
  • Athletic programs are most beneficial when they are competitive.
  • Well-designed athletic programs promote community and school pride.
  • Positive parent support and involvement enhance student growth and program quality.
LA High Athletic Programs
      FALL Sports                     WINTER SPORTS                     SPRING SPORTS    
      Cross Country                Basketball                                  Baseball
      Football                           Soccer                                        Softball
      Tennis, Girls                    Water Polo, Girls                       Swim
      Volleyball, Girls                                                                  Tennis, Boys                                         
      Water Polo, Boys                                                               Track
                                                                                                  Volleyball, Boys
NCAA / NAIA / CCCAA / NJCAA Eligibility:
Information for student-athletes interested in playing college sports is available at the following website(s):