College & Career » 9th & 10th Grade Check List

9th & 10th Grade Check List

9th Grade
  • Meet your high school academic and college counselors
  • Share your schedule and 4- year high school plan with your parent
  • Join a club/extra-curricular activity/sport
  • Develop your long-term and short-term goals
  • Create your college board account and link Khan Academy account
  • Begin practicing for the PSAT
  • Attend a campus College Field Trip
  • Take a Career and Interest Assessment via Naviance
  • Seek participation in Upward Bound, ETS or Trio programs on campus
  • Consider taking a community college course during your free time
10th Grade
  • Take an AP Course
  • Begin researching college admissions requirements using Naviance and online resources
  • Take the PSAT
  • Continue participation in clubs/extra-curricular activities/sports
  • Take upon leadership positions on campus or within the community
  • Visit colleges and universities
  • Maintain above average grades. Universities calculate your GPA 10th -11th grade for admittance. Dā€™s are not accepted.
  • Continue taking community college courses during your free time in addition to seeking out volunteer or internship opportunities.
  • Continue participation in Upward Bound, ETS or Trio Programs.