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Advance Placement


* Advanced Placement classes are designed for students planning to attend four-year colleges and universities. These courses help prepare students for the kind of academic work that will be required at the university level.


* These courses are designed by leading professors in their fields. Unlike other classes offered in high school, AP offerings are taught at the college level, use college-level textbooks, and maintain college-level expectations. Taking an AP course helps students build critical thinking skills, confidence, and the essential time management and study skills needed for college success


* In May, AP students will take examinations, designed by the College Board. If you score a “3” or above on this examination, you will be eligible to receive university credits for the subject(s) in which you have demonstrated proficiency.


* Los Angeles High School will grant high school AP credit to students who both successfully complete the course and take the AP examination. This high school AP credit will add a point to the student's grade point average (GPA) for each such class.


For more information, please see your counselor.