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Our modern world would be inconceivable without computer science. From engineering to business management, medicine to biology, and language processing through to psychology, sociology and archaeology – all the sciences today need computer science for the evaluation of their data. At the same time the science of processing information by means of computer programs provides the basis for the internet and mobile telephony, for airlines and financial transactions, for DVD players, televisions and cars that work – in short: for a functioning world. This creates a strong practical relevance, which is exactly what makes the subject so exciting and is opening up ever more employment opportunities for computer scientists. Computer Science, therefore, is a forward-looking discipline that offers excellent prospects for graduates. -  

Source: "Why study computer science?" Department of Computer Science University of Freiburg.

Here at LA HIGH Magnet, we offer the following classes;

Ø  Exploring Computer Science

o    The goal of Exploring Computer Science is to help the student develop the computer science skills of algorithm development, problem solving, and programming.

Ø  Introduction to Computer Programming (Pre APCS)

o    The goal of Pre-AP Computer Science is learn programming concepts using the Java programming language and to be ready to take the AP CS. 

Ø  Robotics

o   Using robots we will cover the fundamentals of problem solving, program design, algorithms and programming using a high-level language.  A robot is an embedded system of software and hardware.  Programming and building robots applies science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts.  This course introduces the fundamental concepts of programming and robotics. 

Ø  Graphics Design and Animation

o   An introduction to elements of design, spatial relationships, typography and imagery as they apply to practical visual solutions for self-promotion, resumes, logo design, Web design, and sequential systems. This course instructs the student in graphic design skills employing traditional and digital tools, materials and procedures employed in the communication arts industry. The focus will be on finding creative visual solutions to communication problems using technical skills.

Ø  Computer Hardware

o    This course prepares students for jobs as network technicians and helps them develop additional skills required for computer technicians and help desk technicians.

Ø  AP Computer Science

      The goal of AP Computer Science is learn programming concepts using the Java programming language and to be ready to take the AP exam.

Why learn computer science? Watch this video