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News & Announcements

Jacob ReyesWelcome back from summer break, Romans! We hope everyone is well-rested and ready to take on the new school year!
We are excited to introduce brand new programs including arts and crafts. We want to proudly present our new knitting class, taught by Ms. Brown! The arc staff is energized and enthusiastic about meeting new and returning students to our programs. Let's have a great start to a new year and keep it up, Romans!
Fall Semester was amazing! Leadership took the role of planning out amazing activities and participated in every field trip opportunity. The students participated in BBQ's, team building activities, school beautification events hosted by the Gardening Club, Fall leadership class and much more! The arc leadership team is growing and showing off their true white and blue Roman pride. However, there is an important item not to forget! Drivers Ed is not over! We have two more months to go!
Don't be a stranger. Join the arc leadership team for the Spring 2016 semester! For more information, stop by the Drop-In Center in Room 170! Let's start the year strong, Romans!
Jacob Reyes, Site Coordinator.