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Library Policy

Checking Out Books:

The maximum number of books that you may have checked out is three.

Books are due in two weeks, and the date is stamped on a card inside the book pocket; you need to return the book with this card intact or there will be a $2.00 charge.
Never check out a book for someone else or give your ID card to anyone.
If you forget your ID, take your book to the circulation counter to place it on hold.
If you have an overdue book, you may not check out another book until it is returned.
Return books only to the person working at the circulation counter.


Late Fines/Damages:

Fines are $.10 per day per book; the maximum charge is $2.00 per book.
You may check out books even if you owe fines (exception: at the beginning of a new school year--$.00 balance required).
Examine your book for damage before checking it out. Point out any problems to the teacher librarian (not a student worker).
Books that are torn, written in, or water damaged will be charged to your account, and you may not check any books out until you pay for damage.
Use a bookmark; do not fold pages to mark your place.


Library Behavior & Etiquette:
During class time, present your library pass and ID card. Remember to get your pass stamped before returning to class. You must have your ID to enter during nutrition and lunch.
Please be respectful of other students who are reading, studying, researching, and completing their homework. Walk into the library quietly!
Do not eat at any time. This includes gum, candy, and water.
Electronic devices may be used for educational purposes only.
The armchairs and couch are for reading; please use the tables for other work.


Arrangement of Books:

Every book has a label on its spine. This label has the call number, which tells you where the book is located in the library.

Fiction books are shelved alphabetically by author. A fiction book always has FIC at the beginning of the call number with the first three letters of the author’s last name underneath.
A Non-fiction book is shelved by its subject. These numbers form the first line of the call number. Underneath are the first three letters of the author’s last name.
Reference books have an REF at the top of the call number, and the print versions do not circulate. You may access the digital library 24/7 using the remote access when you are off campus.


Computers & Other Resources:

Computers are available for Internet searches. You may also use them for word processing, power point, etc. Always have your ID in the library!
Printing, each page costs $.10.
Internet Resources: From the library homepage you can access magazine, newspaper, and reference databases, including World Book and Encyclopedia Britannica.
The books and magazines by the front door are free. Never return your books here—always return them to the circulation counter.

Accommodating Class Groups

Teachers may schedule class library visits. All teachers must schedule a library orientation. After the orientation, teachers who wish to use the library must check with the teacher librarian first to be certain space is available. Secondly, once the orientation has been completed, the teacher librarian will be available to collaborate with teachers on planning lessons integrating library instructional media with content area instruction. If the assigned period will not be used, the teacher librarian should be notified as soon as possible. If there is a substitute teacher with a class for the scheduled appointment, the appointment will be rescheduled when the teacher returns.


Special Assignments
Teachers may send responsible students to the library for special assignments. There should be no more than three students sent from one class at a time. These students must remain in the library the entire period. Students should be sent with a written pass which includes the date, the student’s first and last names, the teacher’s name, room number and the date. Passes are to be presented at the front desk as soon as the student reaches the library.


Student Behavior
The teacher is responsible for the conduct of his/her students while in the library. Classes must be respectful of other students who are reading, studying, researching and completing their work. At the end of each period, all materials should be placed on the re-shelving carts, chairs straightened and the room left in good order. Please do not re-shelve books. Eating and drinking will not be allowed at any time. This includes gum, candy and water.


Library Privileges

Check-out privileges of the library resources are reserved for L.A. High teachers who are listed in the school database. New teachers may insure that they are listed by contacting the school administrative assistant. Substitute teachers may not check out books.