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Welcome to the Los Angeles High School
 Healthy Start Program
Hello, my name is Gayle Gordon,  I am a Student Support Services Coordinator functioning as the Healthy Start Coordinator at Los Angeles High School.  Healthy Start is here to help students and their families have a positive school experience by helping to support the whole person.  The three main objectives of Healthy Start are to:
  • assist students with their academic success
  • help students and their families with their physical, emotional and mental health
  • address issues of personal and neighborhood safety
Healthy Start functions through collaboration and team building with both school-based and community-based people and resources.  At Los Angeles High  we are fortunate to have many already existing resources. Some of the  programs that Healthy Start works closely with are: I, Title I, PSA, ESL, ELA/RLA,  Special Education and School Psychology, and the Coordnation of Services Team.  Some of the school based organizations that Healthy Start helps to support include:  
  • Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers
  • Cedar Sinai Medical Center (Share and Care Program)
  • County of Los Angeles Probation Department
  • LAUSD Neglect and Delinquent Program
  • Eisner Pediatric-Teen Clinic
  • LAUSD School Mental Health Programs
As your Healthy Start Coordinator, I am committed to bringing new service providers and programs to LA High School to increase the opportunities for all  students and families to be healthy and successful.  I welcome your input and comments. The Healthy Start office is located  in the Record Office (old Counselor Office)  or by calling (323) 900-2719. 
Gayle Gordon, M.Ed.