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M.E.S.A Day Prelim

M.E.S.A Prelim Winners 2012

    Wind Energy Challenge

    Technical, Performance, and Overall

  • 1st Place: Jinwon Jang, April Kim, Jorge Escobar, Mindy Myung

    • Civil Structures

    • 1st Place: Inhye Suk, Hyun Min Chun 
    • 2nd Place: Hoon Kang, Jang Jinwon

      • Civil Structures
         Strength to Weight

      • 1st Place: Hoon Kang, Jang Jinwon
      • 2nd Place: Hyun Min Chun, Inhye Suk

        • Balsa-Wood Glider Plane

        • 1st Place: Hye Sung, Jason Jang

          • Balsa-Wood Airplane

          • 1st Place: Charis Laylo, Jasmin Salazar
          • 2nd Place: Ryan Sangalang

            • Mouse Trap 9th-10th
               Overall Creativity & Accuracy

            • 1st Place: Kenya Garcia

              • Mouse Trap 11th-12th

              • 2nd Place: Michael Castillo, Jesus Vegas
              • 3rd Place: Quennie Inga, David Perez

                • EggXpress 9th-10th

                • 1st Place: Pearl Moro, Jessi Jeronimo
                • 2nd Place: Bamidele Fajinmi, Jason Jang

                  • EggXpress 11th-12th

                  • 1st Place: Minjee Ryu, Seorin Eum