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LA High JROTC Alumni

Sandy Turcios
2008 graduate
Former LET 3

    In JROTC i was the battalion Public Affairs
Officer for about 2 years, i was company commander
for Bravo company and i graduated as a sergeant.

After graduating from LA High i continued on to
college, i now attend CAL State San Bernardino
and i am currently majoring in nursing. JROTC
 helped me focus on the importance of working
hard and achieving what i want.

Julio Diaz
2008 graduate
Former LET 4

through out the years I have been in ROTC, I have
accomplished a lot of tasks. Some for example
were that I became part of company staff by my
Let. 1 year. By my second semester I started to
 get a little bit more involved so i became part of
Battalion staff. by my fourth year in the program i
managed to have every staff position in record.
During my senior year i ended off as the battalion
Training and Operations officer, Rifle team commander
 and Color Guard.

After I graduated I dedicated my time to study
for science. I began to attend at Santa Monica
College to begin my study in basic science. I plan
to transfer to a higher university to continue my study
in science. My goal is to attend UCLA or USC. My
 future goal is to become a scientist.


A former JROTC student, by name of Nadia Morales talks to us about her experience in the program. Nadia was in the program for a year. She attended Los Angeles and graduated in 1990. Nadia is known to us as Ms.Morales; she is part of the LA high staff and works in the Social Justice Office.


Well now that I’m am out of the JROTC program i am keeping my self busy by working. I am also spending more time with my family. After a couple of semesters out of school i will go off to collage at UC Berkley. Don't worry i will still come to visit you Romans.
My Name is Mariano Cano I am 22 years old I used to go to Los Angeles High School. At first I didn’t like to go to school, because I was lazy, while I was in school I had this class that I used to hate “JROTC” because it was about leadership, friendship and discipline. After a while I started to like that class and I started to do good at school and now thanks to the words of my teacher I am going to go to Washington State University.