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Science Fair

This year's science fair, 2017, was a great success. Students' projects were judged by their oral presentation, their board, and the scientific merit of their research. Congratulations to the winners in the following categories:



1st Place-  A War of Memory between Eyes and Ears

Brittney Munoz, Chelsea Rivera, Monica Alvillar

2nd Place-  Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap

Rosendo Flores  and Daniela Hernandez

3rd Place- Fish Supplied with Different Oxygen Sources

Alexis Altamirano and Jesse Huesca


Best Individual Biology Presenter

Justin Laylo    Water Testing




1st Place-  As Purified as it Gets

Nathaly Palacios, Maria Arriaga, Jonathan Cedillos

2nd Place-   Got Milk

Anika Coke, Niko Luna, Lorena Fernandez

3rd Place-   PhD in Soapology

Sergio Mendoza, Andrea Sanabria, Shirley Agustin


Best Individual Chemistry Presenter

Anika Coke     Got Milk




ICS QuizBee Winners


1st Place-    Amber Sanders

2nd Place-   Isaiah Welch

3rd Place-    Guadalupe Ramirez




Bio Chem Physics Team QuizBee Winners


1st Place-   Juan Toledo, Britney Yi, Guillermo Miranda

2nd Place -  Samantha Malagon, Kenneth Cho,

                    Diego Molina

3rd Place-   Raniel Baki, Martha Cordova,

                    Meliza Lozano-Lopez