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Student Data Privacy

The Los Angeles Unified School District ("District") takes student data privacy very seriously. We are using more and more technology in our classrooms for instructional purposes, and we want you to know that we have security measures in place to protect the personal information of your child.
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In an unprecedented effort led by a team of African-American business leaders in New York, organizations across the U.S. coordinated a massive national campaign to find African-American business leaders to underwrite free admission to the Golden Globe-nominated film “SELMA” for students around the country. 10th & 11th graders can show Student ID or report card at any of the Los Angeles locations for free admittance WHILE TICKETS LAST.
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arc Clubs and Programs

Romans!! It will be February soon and that means we are offering the following clubs after school: Driver's Ed, Roman Muscle, CLICK FOR MORE INFO!! FREE ARCADES IN ROOM 703!!
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