ICAP at LA High » Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Integrated Community Arts Pathway (ICAP) at Los Angeles High School was born in 2014 when a group of passionate teachers collaborated and wrote a grant to the California Department of Education. Los Angeles High School was a recipient of the grant and ICAP became a reality for our students.

ICAP was created for students who have a strong interest in the arts and a need for creative self-expression. The pathway promotes a variety of arts opportunities.

The mission is carried out through:

• exploring a variety of Arts courses that integrate Common Core standards and process building skills that prepare and lead students to career readiness and potential careers.

• utilizing and practicing a variety of learning strategies that ensure mastery of the content and continued application of processes for success in college/ career.

• collaborating and networking with alumni and community members guiding students to establish and maintain professional relationships.

• integrating and applying their knowledge of technology in a variety of formats increasing students' range of 21st century skills.

• designing and carrying out a project involving observation, collection, analysis, and synthesis of data to solve a complex, open-ended problem.

• experiencing local travel opportunities that provide a broader, more global understanding of art and community.