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Welcome Roman Alumni!

"Through fellowship and other alumni activities, to preserve and promote, for the welfare of the Nation, the legacy and lore of Los Angeles High School as the premier academic high school of the City whose name it bears and whose preeminent reputation in public education its alumni established."

Alumni Associations

The Los Angeles High School Alumni Association, a California, tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, was founded in 1881 by the school's first graduates. It is the owner and exclusive licensee of the name Los Angeles High School Alumni Association. It was founded with the mission of maintaining through alumni fellowship the emerging ideals and aspirations of what was to become known to students who experienced it as “The Spirit of the Hill.”
Over the years, the fellowship grew to be an important social networking organization and a principal donor of facilities and resources to students and alumni of Los Angeles High School.
Following WWI, the Alumni Association partnered with the student body to raise funds to purchase the land across the street from the school for a park in memorium to fallen schoolmates of the Great War. After being donated to the citizens of Los Angeles, it officially bears the name “Los Angeles High School Memorial Park.” Over the years, it has served as a Senior Park and the site of a City Library containing a stained glass window in which are inscribed the names of the fallen alumni to whose sacrifice the park is dedicated. The Alumni Association continues to donate to the park and to supervise the maintenance of its historic memorial glass window, memorial arboretum and other tributes.
Following WWII, the Alumni Association resolved to emulate the precedent set by the Memorial Park and called for the raising of funds to build a War Memorial Hall in memory of those who had given their lives in this just concluded “war to end wars.” Thus the Alumni Association’s War Memorial was constructed.
As the oldest surviving institution associated with Los Angeles High School, with roots going back to its very first graduates, the Alumni Association is the only legally established and government recognized entity specifically dedicated to providing information, protective services and support in behalf of the lore and legacy of Los Angeles High School.
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In 1958, in one of the most enduring displays of affection for a high school alma mater, L.A. High Alumnus Alice G. Harrison (Class of 1895!) left her entire estate to L.A. High School. In 1960 The Alice G. Harrison Memorial Trust was established.  Overseen by a Board of Trustees consisting of alumni, school administrators and teachers, The Harrison Trust – per the terms of Ms. Harrison’s will – provides “exceptional educational opportunities and experiences which would not otherwise be available to the students of the Los Angeles High School through public funds.” The Trust gives thousands of dollars each year in support of L.A. High School - including student academic scholarships, athletic programs, arts, dance, theater, journalism, yearbook, culinary arts, science, robotics  and school beautification.
The Harrison Trust has become an increasingly vital partner at Los Angeles High School, helping to guide the school in an exciting new direction. To insure the longevity of the Trust and continued commitment to L.A. High, we will be engaging with alumni and community members to raise additional funds and build long term partnerships that insure that we not only provide an excellent education for our students, but that we maintain the incredible history and integrity of the city's namesake school.
To learn more about The Harrison Trust visit our website - - and follow us as we enter into an unprecedented phase of building support for LA High students and engaging with alumni to foster their Roman Pride!
Joyce Kleifield
Executive Director
Alice G. Harrison Memorial Trust
[email protected]

Since 1873