LA High Beautification Project

Thanks to KYCC, Irma Garcia, Mike Espinoza and Anna Ruiz of LA Public Works, Mr McBride and his crew, Richard the LAUSD gardener, Adrian and Julian of Damas Nurseries, and Ms Anthony for her on-going support.

KYCC contributed several volunteers, led by Irma Garcia. They taught students correct planting techniques and supervised planting teams from 10am to 2pm.
Mike Espinoza of LA Public Works office of Community Beautification, and especially Anna Ruiz lent us the tools.
Mr. McBride arranged for mulch to be delivered, and helped with pre-watering all the planting areas, also his crew helped move plants from the delivery truck to several planting locations.
Richard, LAUSD gardener, has been testing our irrigation lines at Mr. McBride's request to make sure we can do ongoing watering of the plants.
Adrian Villasenor and Julian Damas of Damas Nurseries walked the campus with me and drew up the plan for which plants to put in 8 different planting areas. They delivered the plants and sorted them by area.
Ms. Anthony paid for lunch for the volunteers.

The plants were paid for with California Garden Grant.
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