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Luiza Alecse, Vanessa Prado, Kyra Huete, Victor Guzman, Roxana Pirul, Maya Rivera, Glenda
Martinez, Kevin Chu, and coaches Richard Cunningham and John DeToro.
We, the members of the Los Angeles High School Academic Decathlon team are honored to have earned an invitation to the United States Academic Decathlon California Finals which is being held in Sacramento March 13 – 16.
Ours was a real team effort. We had no individual “stars,” that is to say, we only won a few individual medals, but as a team we finished in the top 10 percentile of all schools in the state of California, and of the more than 3000 competing schools nationwide.
Our team is also proud to be a part of Los Angeles High School, which has not only supported us in practical ways, but encouraged the hard work dedication, and team camaraderie that characterizes us.
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