Cell Phone Usage Announcement

Effective immediately, the following cell phone policy will be enforced on campus.

Cell phone use is not allowed in class. Your cell-phones and headphones must be stowed away before you enter the class. 

Students, do not ask the teachers to let you charge the phone in class. Teachers, please, do not allow students to charge their phone in your class. Please, note that cell phone losses frequently occur while the phones are being charged.  

Consequences for violating the policy are: the first time, you will receive a warning; the second time,  your phone will be taken away and returned to you after school; and, for the third time, your parent or guardian must pick-up the phone from school. 

Please be mindful and stow away your cell-phones and headphones before you enter the class.

Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe

For more information, questions, or concerns please see Dean Choi. 

Notes: Operational rating ROI. The expected behavior of our students at LAHS.

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