Color Guard is Seeking New Members Who Want to DANCE!!

Hi Ladies!!!!!
Your 18-time city championship Color Guard is scheduled to begin the Fall 2008 season!!! We are incredibly enthusiastic with the upcoming show, which will feature the fun, soulful music of the movie "The WIZ"!!! We are actively recruiting energetic and commited young ladies, such as yourself, for the upcoming year.
Your Color Guard is an active participant in competitions throughout Southern California and has earned a reputation for excellence throughout. Your participation in our organization will provide you a platform that will enable you to perform at LA High's pep rallies, football games and school related events. Additionally, the Color Guard is often scheduled to perform in TV shows, music videos and parades. So, if you have ever dreamed of learning to dance or performing in front of a crowd, this is your opportunity!!!! Previous dance and performance experience, although helpful, is NOT REQUIRED! Our program will provide you with all the instruction needed in order to become a dynamic dancer and performer. In addition to gaining a background in the performing arts you will also become a part of a close knit family whose commitment to excellence extends back 20 years!!! So, come join us!!!!!!! Don't miss out on an incredible opportunity to build memories that last a lifetime!!!!!!
If you are interested in joining you must attend a 2 week camp scheduled to begin August 11-22 from 9-3pm in the Band Room (102). Prospective members are asked to email for further details and arrangements ASAP.
Ms. Cindy Frias
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