JROTC All-City Staff Competition

On June 14th, 2008, The LA High School ROTC Program participated in the annual LAUSD JROTC All-City Staff competition. The purpose of this event is to evaluate the top cadets from each LAUSD JROTC program in order to select the All- City Colonel and Staff for the School year 2008-2009. This event took place from 0530 to 1700 (5:30 am- 5:00pm), approximately nineteen schools participated.
The cadets selected to fill these positions are the top cadets of the entire LAUSD JROTC program. Each has a minimum of a 3.0 G.P.A. Each school sends a maximum of 6 primary cadets and 2 alternates. The competition challenged the cadets on their leadership skills, academic testing, and drilling. There is also an oral presentation based upon a current event starting from January of this year.
Los Angeles High School, Roman Battalion sent our top five cadets to participate in this event. From these five, three made it to the top twenty cadets All-City Wide. They are Jasmik Baez (7th place All-City officer and our upcoming Battalion Commander), Herman Ramirez (8th Place, our battalion training and operations officer), Hoang Nguyenle (15th place, our executive officer).
These three will be the top cadets within our Roman Battalion. We thank you for supporting out program for all of our events including this one and recognizing us. If you have any further question, please fell free to contact me a room 800.
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