Dr. Terrence Roberts Returns To Los Angeles High School, 3:30 - 5:00 PM ,February 19, Corwin theater

Terrence Roberts was fifteen years old when he
integrated Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas
as one of the Little Rock Nine. This group
of African-American young people integrated
the school under the protection of 1,000 members
of the 101st Airborne Division of the United
States Army. After a devastating year of white
opposition to school desegregation, Governor
Faubus closed down the schools. To continue his
education, Terry's parents sent him to Los Angeles
where he graduated from Los Angeles High
School. Returning to LA High after 50 years, Dr.
Roberts will speak to students and the community
about what it was like to come to Los Angeles
after the trauma of Little Rock, compare the
attitudes in each city towards school integration,
and give his perspective on race relations then
and now.
Awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 1999,
the courageous acts of Dr. Terrence Roberts and
the Little Rock Nine helped define the modern
Civil Rights Movement and advanced access to
quality education that young people enjoy today.

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