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L.A. High Band Receives Instrument Donation!

As the result of a donation request submitted by Ms. Davidson, the LAHS band has received a donation from the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation for instruments valued at $25,925.00.

The donation selection was based on criteria established by the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation that included, among other things:

- Record of musical performance and success for the band
- Record of band members' academic success, including college attendance
- Record of band participation and success in competition
- Record of band expansion and promotion of musical appreciation and excellence
- Record of band director support and oversight
- Examination of band program structure and leadership (Ms. Davidson)

When these and other criteria were reviewed, the LAHS band program was found to excel to such a point that the Foundation donated the following instruments:

- Three (3) Tenor Saxophones
- Three (3) Silver Marching Baritones
- Five (5) Silver Marching Trumpets
- Four (4) Flutes
- Three (3) Alto Saxophones
- Two (2) Clarinets

This is a great honor to Ms. Davidson and the LAHS band.

Thank you, Ms. Davidson, for continuing to support LAHS students, represent LAHS positively in the community, and make LAHS proud.

Go Romans!
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