Harrison Fund Meeting Tentative Agenda

Harrison Fund Meeting Tentative Agenda
November 22, 2011
3:30 p.m.
Community Room

Welcome and Review Minutes for the meeting held on SEPTEMBER 22, 2011.

1. Dr. Geoffrey Silver, Smith Barney Investment Report.
1a. Mr. Ronald Baucume, LAHS Financial Manager
1b. Ms. Donna Griffin, Testing Coordinator.
1c. Mr. Gregg Davis, Culinary Arts Department.
1d. Ms. Rosanna Altin, Leadership class.
1e. Mr. Roderick Castro, Assistant Principal
1f. Ms. Elizabeth Saucedo, College Counselor.
1g Ms. Tara Burk, English/Journalism Teacher.
Note: All requests for additional funds will be reviewed by the Funds/Grants Trustees' Committee for a final decision.

2 Mr. David Craft, Athletic Director report.

3. Ms. Kathleen Tyler, Mr. Colon's open Trustee position, other concerns and other issues.

4. Ms. Elena Anthony/ Mr. Sean Gaston, school events and other concerns.

5. Mr. Corwin (a) Finance Committee signors for Smith Barney files. (b) Feeding Traveling students; ( c ) Other issues.

6 Mr. Scharf concerns and other issues

7. Mr. Jerry Phillips concerns and other issues.

8. Committees reports : Funds/Grants Approval Committee; Accountability Committee.

9. Date for next meeting.

10. Meeting adjourned.

Last day for a final agenda is 2 days before the meeting.
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