ISIS Family Module    


What is ISIS (Integrated Student Information System)?

ISIS is a major, web-based, District-wide project, which is integrating student information from early education, to K-12, to adult education into a single database.


What is the ISIS Family Module?

The ISIS Family Module is an online informational tool that will be available to parents/guardians (and, eventually, students). It is an easy way to obtain up-to-the-minute information on your child.


What can you check?

  During the Pilot: Student attendance and progress report marks

  In the future: Additional information, including schedules, graduation requirements, and discipline.


When will this be available to me?

Parent/guardian access to the ISIS Family Module will be available later this school year.


How will I get access?

We will notify parents when the Family Module is ready at our school, along with information on completing an application and getting access.


What training will be available?

Various training methods are being discussed. Working with our parent volunteers, we plan to offer several ways, such as classes, one-on-one, and online instruction.


What else should I know?

Parents/guardians should have basic computer skills before using the Module. For information regarding training and support for Los Angeles High School’s Family Module, please contact Mr. David Craft at (323 )900-2742.


Parent involvement impacts student achievement!

When parents are involved, students have:

Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates

  Better school attendance

  Increased motivation

  Better self-esteem

  Lower rates of suspension

  Decreased use of drugs and alcohol

  Improved behavior


Be involved in your child’s academic achievement!



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