Grad Nite Information for Students

Students are NOT ALLOWED to wear or bring the following:
• Spike jewelry / Spike belts
• Shoes with skate wheels
• Bags/Backpacks larger than 8.5” x 11”
• Hats or head wear (including Disney, sock hats,
bandanas, etc)
• Clothing affiliated with schools, sports teams, clubs
• Sports Jerseys
• Letter Jackets
• Costumes
• Custom/Home made T-shirts (i.e. Class of 09)
• Anything matching or that identifies a group (i.e.
matching T-shirts, sweatshirts, wristbands, bags)
• All food (candy, gum, mints, chips, etc.)
• All fluids (water, drinks, perfume, cologne, lotion, etc.)
• Glass containers
• Alcohol and any controlled substance
• Non-prescription medication (aspirin, vitamins, etc.)
• Contact solution/eye drops larger than 4oz. (120mL)
• Tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, chew, etc.)
• Tobacco related items (lighters, matches, etc.)
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