Los Angeles High School

Welcome to Los Angeles High School --  A Tradition of Excellence Since 1873 -- Home of the Mighty Romans

School Governance

LA High is an ESBMM (Expanded School Based Management Model) school, operating as described in our contract with LAUSD.
Our School Based Management committee is called the Leadership Council, and its decisions are informed by committees that study specific pertinent issues in detail and make recommendations to the Leadership Committee at large.
The School Site Council is responsible for the School's budget, made up of specific funds awarded by the State and Federal Government to our school.
The work of our Advisory Committees is aligned with our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSC) and WASC recommendations. These two documents reflect detailed data analysis and stakeholder discussion. We also currently have a SIG grant that coordinates efforts between the Single School Plan, WASC recommendations, and school/community needs.
Please see the attached rosters of members of the School Site Council and the Leadership Council. If you have an issue that you would like brought to the attention of either council, please contact one or more of the members to discuss and make your request.