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 Creative Learning Center

CLC Lab Expectations

Reserving the CLC:

To reserve the CLC Lab, contact us for availability via the CLC "Service Request Form" system. If you are unable to see the request form in your browser, contact us by email at We ask that you please try and reserve the CLC at least a week in advance. We cannot promise the CLC will be available if you request to use it on the day of.

Please be advised that when you make a CLC reservation, it is your responsibility to remain with your class as the certificated employee supervising students. If you have to cancel or wish to postpone your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible so that others can have your chance.

CLC Rules:

When you bring your class to the CLC, the following is expected:

  1. Plan your lesson before you bring your students. You may consult with the CLC staff to find appropriate websites.  We are here to provide assistance and to help you use technology with your class.
  2. Supervise your class the whole time you are here. Make sure students stay on task. Be available to help students who need assistance.
  3. Food or drinks are not allowed (that includes water). This is to protect the life of the computers.
  4. Limit printing to final versions. Have students save their work to a flash drive or to a cloud device.  All computers are cleaned from files on regular basis.
  5. Check that students have closed their browsers and cleaned up before leaving. Have students push in chairs when leaving.
  6. All school rules apply (i.e. no hats or electronic devices).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. The rules are subject to change throughout the year.

Thank you for your help maintaining the usefulness of our CLC.