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12th Grade English - Expository Composition (Fall Semester)

12th Grade English – Semester One

Expository Composition

 (August 28th – December 21st 2007)


Week One: (08/29-08/31)

Introduction/Expectations/Syllabus & Equipment Distribution

Initial Reading Assessment

Initial Writing Assessment


Week Two -Four (09/04-09/21)

A study of ‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer


1.                    Analysis of ‘The Miller’s Tale’

2.                   Group Work/Presentation

3.                   Final Analysis of ‘The Steward’s Tale’


Week Five-Six (09/24-10/05)

Analysis of Censorship using ‘The Truman Show’


1.                    Analytical Essay


Weeks Seven-Nine (10/09-10/26)

CAHSEE Preparation


1.  Using P.E.E

2.  Essay Writing

3.  Reading Assessments



Weeks Ten –Eleven (10/29-11/09)

‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare


1.                    Continuous Characterization analysis

2.                   Final Analytical Essay

Weeks Twelve – Thirteen (11/13-11/21) (11/26-11/30)

Writing Informal/Formal Letters


1.                    Letter of Application

2.                   Completing an application form

3.                   Interview

4.                   Applying to college etc



Weeks Fourteen –Fifteen (12/03-12/14)

Poetry – Porphyria’s Lover


1.                    Analysis of Poem


FINAL WEEK – (12/17-12/21)

Final Writing Assessment

Final Reading Assessment