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10th Grade English (A) - Fall Semester

10th Grade English – Semester One
(August 28th – December 21st 2007)

Week One: (08/29-08/31)
Introduction/Expectations/Syllabus & Equipment Distribution
Initial Reading Assessment
Initial Writing Assessment

Week Two -Four (09/04-09/21)
Writing to Imagine, Explore & Entertain – Short Story Writing (Time Travel)
1. Writing own short story

Week Five-Six (09/24-10/05)
A study of Greek Mythology – ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’
1. Rewriting a Myth
2. Writing Own Myth

Weeks Seven-Nine (10/09-10/26)
Writing to Argue and Persuade – Gladiator Speeches
1. Persuasive Leaflet
2. Persuasive Speech (using Gladiator as inspiration)

Weeks Ten –Eleven (10/29-11/09)
‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell
1. Continuous Characterization analysis
2. Final Analytical Essay

Weeks Twelve – Thirteen (11/13-11/21) (11/26-11/30)
A study of Japanese Poetry
1. Writing a HAIKU
2. Writing a RENGA
3. Writing a TANKA

Weeks Fourteen –Fifteen (12/03-12/14)
A study of Indian Literature

FINAL WEEK – (12/17-12/21)
Final Writing Assessment
Final Reading Assessment