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syllabus 4

Syllabus for Korean Language Class  4A, July 2007 through April 2008


Text and Workbook: Korean for foreigners 3A


 General Guidelines

  • Warm-up: Journal writing for 10- 15 minutes
  • Students turn in their weekly class work Thursdays.(100 Points)
  • Students take quiz on Thursdays.(100 pts)
  • Students take one final test.(300 pts each)


How will students be graded?

      They will be graded on a weekly basis. Their total possible points are 200 points per week. Their attendance is very important because They are graded daily(20 points)

They are allowed to make up missing assignments for excused absences.



A: 100%-90%     B: 89%-80%       C:79%-70%     D: 69%-60%   F: below 59%       



Class work


Attitudes & participation

Perfect attendance

80 points

100 points

10 points

10 points


First Semester July 2007 through October 2007


Week 1-3: Talking about plans, talking about what you could not do, giving excuses                           

Week 4-6: Ordering delivery, ordering food in a cafeteria, talking about an experience

Week 7-9: Inquiring about boarding houses, Talking about descriptions, comparing

Week 10-12: Greetings, Introducing others and self

Week 13-15:  Getting information, and sharing   

Week 16 : Finals


Second Semester, January 2008 through April 2008

Week 17: Reviews of the first semester

Week 18-20: Invitation and visiting

Week 21-23: Description of appearances and personality, using hair salon

Week 24-26: Requesting to fix broken appliances

Week 27-29: Inquiring, gathering information, finding part-time jobs

Week 30-31: Reviewing

 Week 32: Prep for finals and finals