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Los Angeles High School
Industrial Woodworking



    this course is designed to acquaint students with the importance of safety and usefulness of woodworking.The main points of interest will focus on the art and activity of creating wood projects. keep in mind, expectations are not for the student to create a masterpiece, but to explore and discover that talented woodworking is just the simple step by step process of experience gained.


    A. To develop student skill and basic knowledge of wood working.
    B. To provide insight to trade experience, training, or employment.

Skills learned include:

       * Safety
       * Knowledge of material
       * Measurement
       * Power and hand tools use
       * Joining techniques
       * Planning
       * Preparation % finishing
       * Use of machinery


       All students will be graded by points earned from the following:

       1. Written assignments
       2. Quizzes and test
       3. 3 required projects
       4. Clean-up assignments
       5. Final exam

Grade scale (by percentage)

       100-90% = A      89-79% = B      78-68% = C      67-57% = D      56-0% = F

Conference - (available 7:40 am - 3:20 pm)

       Mr. R. Llanes - Rm. 701       (323)  900-2700