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Syllabus 12th Grade

2013-14: TWELFTH-GRADE ENGLISH SYLLABUS: Sturdevant’s Class

This two-semester class is required for graduation from Los Angeles High School.  It is therefore of great importance that this syllabus be read, understood, and signed by you (and by your parents if you are under age eighteen).  Your signature indicates you understand each point listed here.


1.        Attendance is mandatory.  Ten or more unexcused absences per semester means you will definitely fail.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.  MEMORIZE IT.


2.       An “excused” absence only means that your absence has been excused.  YOU MUST STILL MAKE UP ALL WORK, AND COMPETENTLY EXPRESS MASTERY OF THOSE STANDARDS TAUGHT DURING THOSE DAYS.  There are no exceptions to this.  MEMORIZE IT.


3.       There will be reading in class and at home.  There will be writings in class and at home.  Failure to complete homework assignments means you will fail.


4.       You must contribute MEANINGFULLY to in-class conversations.  If you have something truly humorous to say, SAY IT.  But don’t waste class time contributing to discussions if you have not done the reading.


5.       In the spring, everyone must write a ten-page autobiographical memoir.  Whoever does not do this assignment AS IT IS OUTLINED BY STURDEVANT will not pass.  There are no exceptions.


6.       You must receive 60% of all assigned work to pass.  (This is a D grade. )  There are no exceptions.


7.       Three unexcused tardies equals one unexcused absence.


I am an old-school teacher, by which I mean that I emphasize reading and writing skills, not fun and games.  I try very hard to make the readings interesting.  If you are not interested, that is too bad.  Last spring, I had an opportunity to read over essays submitted by students who had already been accepted to UC schools.  These students were from all over LAUSD.  Without exception, the essays were borderline unreadable.  THESE WERE THE STRONGEST GRADUATING SENIORS FROM LAST YEAR.  My point is simply this: LAUSD students must take reading and writing skills more seriously.



1.       Absolutely no texting or talking on cell phones.  This is LAUSD policy, not mine.

2.       Absolutely no earphone pieces.  This is LAUSD policy, not mine.

3.       Act like an educated adult, even if you are not yet eighteen. This includes respecting classmates.

4.       When Sturdevant is teaching, no private chit chat will be tolerated.  However, you may disagree with me any time you want.  As long as you make sense, IT WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR GRADE. 


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