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Summer homework for incoming 12th graders

Los Angeles High School

Summer Reading Assignment-Multicultural Literature

Grades 11 & 12


You will choose a book from the attached list and complete the assignment below. You may get the book from a public library or purchase the book.

Your assignment will be due on August 19, 2015. Happy reading!



As you read your novel, you will collect a minimum of at least ten (10) annotated passages/quotes from the novel and “The Quote of the Novel” (total of 11 minimum quotes). Be sure they are from the beginning, the middle, and the end of the novel. Then you will write a REFLECTIVE LETTER about the novel that you read and your reactions to both it and the annotated passages that you assembled.


Part One: 10 Annotated Quotes (See Sample-Attached)

For each of the 10 quotes, complete a double-entry journal:

  1. On the left side, write down the quote/passage (including the page number).
  2. On the right side, write 3-5 sentences of commentary that explains how the passage/quote “fits” into the novel as well as the passage’s connection to a theme in the book.

Consider some of the following questions in your responses:

  • Why does the passage impress, intrigue, horrify, or puzzle you?
  • Do you find the author’s use of language appealing or powerful? Does the passage jump right off the page as a great descriptive passage?
  • Does it prompt a strong response from you as you read it? Does it present itself as so well crafted that you just love the sound of it? Is the language beautiful, descriptive, and graphic? Explain.
  • Is it particularly meaningful?  It is a high point in the book?
  • Do you find yourself in agreement/ disagreement with the ideas expressed?
  • Does the passage make you laugh aloud, make you melancholy, or make you feel something else?
  • Does the author or the character raise intriguing questions or issues?
  • Does the passage challenge or expand your thinking?


You are not limited to the above list, nor do I expect you to answer all of the above.


Part Two: “The Quote of the Book”

Choose a passage or quote that captures the ESSENCE—the true meaning-of the novel for you, the reader.  In a well-written paragraph, explain exactly HOW this passage is the one perfect quote from the book. (Think of this as the one passage you would absolutely want to save should your book be destroyed.)


Part Three: Reflective Letter

(Turn over)





Part Three: Reflective Letter

Write a letter to your new teacher about your experience reading the book.  Discuss your thoughts, feelings, observations, and new insights when you were reading.  Some things to think about for your letter include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Tell me what you worked on the hardest or struggled with in doing this assignment
  • Discuss if you found yourself changing your mind about the book
  • Explain where you were drawn into the book or where you were pulled away from it
  • Share your overall impression of the novel
  • Discuss in what ways the novel is similar to your life
  • Explore what value, besides entertainment, this book has
  • Tell me what you, as a reader and as a student, need to focus on with your reading assignments this year.


Important Information

This assignment should be typed, but if that is a challenge for you this summer, then you may neatly handwrite it in blue or black pen.


Passages/ quotes should be at least two (2) sentences long.


Passages/ quotes should be from throughout the entire novel.


All passages must be in quotation marks—be sure to copy the passage exactly as it appears in your novel.


All passages must include the page number. Cite page numbers as (235), or (16).


The assignment is due on the date it is due. Late penalties will be given.


The Reflective Letter is a REQUIRED component of this assignment.


Assignment Due Date: first day of class


Los Angeles High School Summer Reading List



12th Grade



Origin/ Nationality

Genre/ Idea

On Such a Full Sea

Chang-Rae Lee

Korean American

Science Fiction

Norwegian Wood

Haruki Murakami



Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe


Post Colonial

The Translator

Daoud Hari


War Memoir

One Hundred Years of Solitude

G.G. Marquez


Magical Realism

The Thief and the Dogs

Naguib Mahfouz


Crime Thiller

The Death of Artemio Cruz

Carlos Fuentes


Fictional Memoir/ Historical Novel

The Tin Drum

Gunter Grass


Magical Realism

Crime and Punishment

Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Crime Thriller

Rain of Gold

Victor Villasenor


Memoir/ Story of Immigrant parents







A double-entry journal is also known as a dialectical journal. The left side must contain quotations from the reading with page numbers noted. 




Novel: Frida by Barbara Mujica


Quote #1

 “What these morons don’t understand is that we Mexicans see things differently. For us, death and life are all rolled up into one” (289).


The right side must comment on four of these eight points.


 Commentary #1

What strikes me is she sees Mexicans as different from others. I first thought she thinks Mexicans are “above” others and then I realized she is just really proud of her heritage. It reminds me of how some people from different backgrounds assume you know nothing about their culture when they don’t even know you. Does the second sentence mean that there is no difference between life and death?