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Welcome to my page!

I am the Data / Tech Coordinator at LA High.

My responsibilities as Tech Coordinator include:

  • monitor the use of computer labs, carts, and iPads
  • support Math Credit recovery with Edgenuity Math
  • support Math labs with Khan Academy and ALEKS
  • mentor French II class using Edgenuity Virtual
  • support teachers in implementing Achieve3000 for student reading, writing, and critical thinking growth
  • Maintain LAHigh.org website
  • Support teachers to maintain their page on lahigh.org
  • Support electronic testing
  • Lead the School Technology Plan Cohort
  • Research and share ways to integrate technology into the curriculum

My responsibilities as Data Coordinator are:

  • Monitor effectiveness of Program Initiatives, professional development, and Resource allocation in meeting the objectives of the Single Plan for Student Achievement
  • As member of the Instructional Leadership Team, help plan professional development that supports growth in learning for all stakeholders
  • Gather, analyze, and cite implications of data and disseminate data so stakeholders can do the same