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Learn Filipino Language


Tagalog is the main dialect of the Philippines, although there are approximately 100 regional dialects and about 7,000 islands that make up the country. Despite the fact that many Filipinos speak English, you could make a good impression by surprising them with a few phrases in their native tongue.


Difficulty: Moderate


Step One

Greet Filipinos by saying, "Kumusta" (koo-moos-tah), for "hello" or "how are you," and saying, "Sige" (see-ge), for "OK," "go ahead" or as an informal "good-bye. "

Step Two

Always say, "Po" or "Ho," at the end of each sentence and after "yes" or "no" when speaking to an elder. This is essential for conveying respect.

Step Three

Say, "Oo" (o-o), for "yes," and say, "Hindi" (hin-dee), for "no." To elders, say, "Oho" (o-ho) or "Opo" (o-po), for "yes."

Step Four

Utter, "Gusto ko" (goos-toh ko), for "I want," and say, "Ayoko" (a-yo-ko), for "I don't want."

Step Five

Ask, "Saan ka pupunta?" (sa-an ka pu-poon-ta), for "where are you going?"

Step Six

Say, "Bigyan mo ako" (big-yan mo a-ko), for "give me."

Step Seven

Tell a sweetheart or loved one, "Mahal kita" (ma-hal kee-ta), which means "I love you."