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Chemistry Syllabus


Ms. Agustina De La Paz                                           RM. 351

Chemistry Syllabus
Welcome to Chemistry, School Year 2013-2014! The following are some things you need to be aware of in order to be successful in my class.

I. Instructional Policies and Procedures

a. Teacher Information _____ _____ (Student and Parent Initial)
My name is Ms. De La Paz, and I am a teacher for the REACh SLC. I will be teaching this semester in room 351. I am available for either during my conference period or after school by appointment. if you have any concern regarding your child’s performance in school.

b. Course Description and Objectives___ ____ (Student and Parent Initial)
Chemistry is an upper level science class that meets the A-G requirements (college preparation). It is important that the students have solid science background (passed Biology) and Math skills (passed Algebra) to be successful in class. If any student does not meet the requirement they must speak with me.
My number one objective to Chemistry is that to improve my students
scientific skills that they will use in later life . We will achieve this in my
class by reading challenging texts, class discussion, developing
note-taking skills, and exploring challenging questions and ideas.

c. Course Text _____ _____ (Student and Parent Initial)
Students will use Chemistry Textbook by Holt
d. Course Requirements and Assignments ___ ___ (Student and Parent Initial)
Students will be required to maintain and bring the following materials to class:
• Chemistry Binder
• pencil with eraser and blue or black pen
• scientific calculator
• highlighter and glue stick

These materials must be brought to school everyday or as instructed for success in Chemistry . Homeworks are given for further learning.
e. Classroom rules and Expectations _____ _____ (Student and Parent Initial)
The following are my classroom rules for success:
1. Be prepared for class
2. Follow all directions
3. Respect for other and learning environment
4. Be responsible in doing your class assignment
5. Be on time
6. Follow Lincoln Policies at all times

My expectation for students in my class is that they will behave at all times. They will do their best work at all times.
In addition, students will be given a set of safety rules at the start of class. These rules will be followed when participating in the chemistry labs. Each student and parent must sign a safety contract. Lab safety is very serious and no inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. If a student cannot behave appropriately in the lab, he/she will not be allowed to participate.

f. Attendance and Grading Policy _____ _____ (Student and Parent Initial)
Students are expected to be present and on time to class. Tardiness to class or excessive absences may result in a lower grade if the student does not make up their work. NO UNEXCUSED LATE WORK WILL EVER BE ACCEPTED. NO MAKEUP WORK WILL BE ALLOWED FOR TRUANCY. Make up work is allowed provided the student will be cleared by the attendance office as EXCUSED.

The following is the breakdown in the grading for this class:
90 – 99% = A
80- 89% = B
65- 79% = C
50- 64% = D
Below 50% = Failed