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Try Out Procedures

  • Any new student athlete must have a physical submitted to the AD and cleared by the nurse before they are allowed to tryout/practice.
  • Returning athletes must have their date of physical verified before they can tryout/practice.  
  • If physical has expired, student athlete must submit a new one and be cleared before they are allowed to tryout/practice.
  • Athletes that are allowed to tryout/practice before nurse clearance will be suspended for 2 contests.
  • Coaches being found allowing students to tryout/practice with programs without prior clearance will forfeit their next contest.
  • Students that are not a part of your program, and are not cleared by the nurse, are not allowed to practice or take part in any team activities. 
  • All persons involved with your program must be Academically Eligible. (Team Managers, Score Keepers, Water Persons, Ball Persons, etc.. )