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Mission / Vision Statement

Vision Statement

The Los Angeles High School Math/Science Magnet believes careers in math and science are an essential component of the 21st century, and are central to modern education. To this end, the magnet is focused on a rigorous academic program based on math and science classes. The program prepares all students for higher level education and/or careers in math and science.

Mission Statement

This magnet program is designed to work towards ameliorating the five harms of racial isolation, identified by the court, which are: low academic achievement, low self-esteem, lack of access to post-secondary opportunities, interracial hostility and intolerance, and overcrowded conditions. The magnet program at Los Angeles High School is committed to ameliorate these identified concerns through implementation of individual attention to students, vertical and horizontal course alignment, a focus on math and science class offerings, academic rigor, teacher collaboration, extracurricular/co-curricular activities, and community/parental support.