Los Angeles High School

Tardy Policy


Tardy Sweeps will be conducted randomly and during 5th and 6th period to ensure students are not hanging out in the P.E. area. Administrative staff, counselors and Romans will support in the implementation of the sweeps. Teachers will stand at their doors and usher students in. Students will be "swept" to the covered eating area and once they are identified, Romans will escort them to class. Counselors will contact parents of the students in their grade level group. Progressive discipline will be used as described below:


1st offense - Parent phone call

2nd offense - Student writes letter to parent that will be mailed home explaining why they were out of class. Parent phone call

3rd offense - Parent, student conference with Administrator, Counselor and teacher of class student is not attending. This conference will determine if student needs to be submitted to COST and/or if any additional supports are needed to help get the student in all classes, on time daily.


Positive Behavior Support Interventions

o Wednesdays from 3:20 - 4:30 pm: Restorative Opportunity room 167

o During Lunch with Dean Choic

o One hour of detention will clear 5 unexcused absences

o During intervention, students will do socio-emotional and academic work as assigned.
Textbooks will be in the room for students to reference.