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The World's Greatest Speech

Added Dec 27, 2019
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This is a sample on how to deliver the final speech, and how one must be prepared as his teachers will interrupt and disrupt the speech in order to challenge him. Here's a look at a student speech that is part of the final presentation for the group project. Anthony advocates for video games while addressing counterarguments while being supported by his fellow group members. Sebastian routinely makes sure that Anthony feels his support during the speech, and his reaction at the conclusion is magical - when you know someone else just delivered the group an A+ on a silver platter!

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  • 49:16 Assignment: ThrillerMorphosis Compare And Contrast Essay

    Assignment: ThrillerMorphosis Compare And Contrast Essay

    Question: Extract evidence from credible sources of media and discuss how the video and assigned text are similar and/or different. Please use specific examples; you may also use any examples we discuss in zoom classes.

    Directions: Students will view the movie and write a five (5) paragraph essay (minimum) comparing and contrasting the music video with the assigned text. Essays are to be written in formal, academic language using all the skills, fundamentals, techniques, transitions, vocabulary, style, format, etc. that we have learned over the course of the year. Do your best work. Your final draft is to be typed, in MLA format. Good luck and please be creative!

    Common Core Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.9-10.9
    Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

    Please remember:
    1) Make an outline before you write!
    2) Use the question to create your thesis.
    3) Come up with your three (3) topics to discuss. (Example: P1-comparison, P2-comparison, P3-contrast *You choose)
    4) Do body paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 first!
    5) Write the Introduction (3 elements "B.A.M.").
    6) Write the Conclusion (4 elements - "Big Ending").
    7) MLA format! (Works Cited and Title Page).

    See schoology for details on uploading your final draft.

    Contact me with any questions:

    Thank you for your dedication to school, especially while we are away, and please be safe out there!


    Uploaded Apr 21, 2020
  • 2:04 Inclusion English 9 Group Project Video Montage (Spring 2019)

    For this project, your group will be assigned a specific case study to analyze. You may come up with your own case study, but it must be approved by one of your co-teacher or Ms. Gonzalez..

    Groups will make presentations to the class at the culmination of this project. The presentation will include a speech, summary of the evidenced-based argument/essay, presentation of the group charter, slide presentation, student-generated video, PEER EVALUATIONS, poster and whatever else work product has been produced by the group.

    Be ready to receive questions from your teachers, other school staff and administration, and classmates.

    Uploaded Dec 27, 2019
  • 00:23 Mr. Wes Hall Leads The Village Movement

    Mr. Nkwocha leads the Village movement along with Mr. Wes Hall where young men of color are mentored and given the tools to become successful and professional after LA High.

    Uploaded Dec 27, 2019
  • 2:25 Slideshow - Inclusion English 9 Year-In-Review (2018-19)

    A slideshow starring Renha.

    Uploaded Dec 26, 2019
  • 3:19 Student Video - The Great Society

    Sample School Wide Learning Objective - Students will collaborate in achieving their goals.

    Christopher created this video as a project to help other students understand the material. This video was played during the class lesson on The Great Society for further reading/listening comprehension. The video was used as modeled reading to encourage other students to actively participate and to be engaged in their education!

    Uploaded Dec 25, 2019

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