Student Materials

All student materials, grades, texts, assignments, tasks, etc. (including a web-version of our textbook) could be located on schoology:
All students have been trained on how to use our materials electronically for use inside and/or outside the classroom - which could be accessed 24/7 via schoology.  All class notes are located online.  In addition, all assignments and test could be viewed and taken online (with instant grading), so there are NO EXCUSES (even for missing school).
Schoology could be accessed through a cell phone, computer, tablet, Chromebook, etc. - anything that has internet access.  Thus, any student with a cell phone has the access and the ability to turn in all work and take their tests through their cell phone.  
The Great Debaters (2007):

How to Make a Conclusion for an Argument Essay:

How to MLA Format your Essay Video: