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Ugly Sweater - 12/20/2019
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Here’s an Invitation to our Award Winning Full Inclusion Co-Teaching Program at LA High!
Please ask about our new “team style” teaching that includes three adults in a classroom!
What is full inclusion? Video by: Sebastian Romero, Class of 2022

Mr. Marc Sahara, JD, MBA, is a special education teacher and Inclusion Co-Chair at Los Angeles Senior High School. He teaches English 9, 10 and 11 with his co-teacher, Mr. Nkwocha. Mr. Sahara graduated from Whittier College and received his JD and MBA at the University of Missouri. Mr. Sahara was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2017-18 by the Los Angeles School District as the top performing high school first year teacher in the West District. In addition, he was nominated for NAAC's National Teacher of the Year.


ROYCalifornia Credit Union and Los Angeles Unified School District celebrate “Rookie Teacher of the Year” Award winners on court during a Los Angeles Sparks basketball game at the Staples Center on August 5, 2018 (Mr. Sahara is second from the left).




In his second year, LA High embarked upon its pilot year of full inclusion and Mr. Sahara teamed up with Mr. Nkwocha to co-teach English Language Arts to 9-11th graders in a full inclusive experiences classroom. Later in 2018-19, the co-teaching program at LA High was awarded the Humanities Award by LAUSD, in which Sebastian and Zsateau were awarded Student Leadership Awards for their advocacy for inclusion in all schools. In the video below of the awards ceremony, our students call to an end to the "segregation of all special education students" in all of LAUSD .


LA High's Inclusion Program is awarded LAUSD's Humanities Award and everyone is amazed by our student's speeches!


At LA High, we are redefining the way students are being taught by pairing up special education and general education teachers to add more attention for all learners.  At LA High, we agree that at an inclusive education is both the vision and practice of welcoming, valuing, empowering, and supporting the diverse academic, social/emotional, communication, and language learning of all students in shared environments and experiences for the purpose of attaining the goals of education (Villa & Thousand).


LA High's Inclusion Program welcomes Principal Gladden!


We believe that all students should be granted access to and receive a high quality equitable education taught by co-teachers in an inclusive setting.

By doing so, we are placing three (or more) adults in a classroom to provide more support and a higher quality educational experience for you child.



Are you looking for a robust learning environment for your child? Does more help and additional masters of the material in each class sound like a dream?  Do you want your child in a classroom with award winning teachers?

Ask about our full inclusion program: marc.sahara@lausd.net

*Text written by Sebastian and Chelsea (Class of 2022), edited by Alicia (Class of 2022).


Mr. Sahara and Mr. Nkwocha speak at The Inclusion Collaborative Conference - Los Angeles, CA!