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Ugly Sweater - 12/20/2019
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Here’s an Invitation to our Award Winning Full Inclusion Co-Teaching Program at LA High!
Please ask about our new “team style” teaching that includes three adults in a classroom!
What is full inclusion? Video by: Sebastian Romero, Class of 2022

Mr. Marc Sahara, JD, MBA, is a special education teacher and Inclusion Co-Chair at Los Angeles Senior High School. He teaches English 9, 10 and 11 with his co-teacher, Mr. Nkwocha. Mr. Sahara graduated from Whittier College and received his JD and MBA at the University of Missouri. Mr. Sahara was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2017-18 by the Los Angeles School District as the top performing high school first year teacher in the West District. In addition, he was nominated for NAAC's National Teacher of the Year.


ROYCalifornia Credit Union and Los Angeles Unified School District celebrate “Rookie Teacher of the Year” Award winners on court during a Los Angeles Sparks basketball game at the Staples Center on August 5, 2018 (Mr. Sahara is second from the left).



In his second year, LA High embarked upon its pilot year of full inclusion and Mr. Sahara teamed up with Mr. Nkwocha to co-teach English Language Arts to 9-11th graders in a full inclusive experiences classroom. Later in 2018-19, the co-teaching program at LA High was awarded the Humanities Award by LAUSD, in which Sebastian and Zsateau were awarded Student Leadership Awards for their advocacy for inclusion in all schools. In the video below of the awards ceremony, our students call to an end to the "segregation of all special education students" in all of LAUSD .


LA High's Inclusion Program is awarded LAUSD's Humanities Award and everyone is amazed by our student's speeches!


At LA High, we are redefining the way students are being taught by pairing up special education and general education teachers to add more attention for all learners.  At LA High, we agree that at an inclusive education is both the vision and practice of welcoming, valuing, empowering, and supporting the diverse academic, social/emotional, communication, and language learning of all students in shared environments and experiences for the purpose of attaining the goals of education (Villa & Thousand).


LA High's Inclusion Program welcomes Principal Gladden!


We believe that all students should be granted access to and receive a high quality equitable education taught by co-teachers in an inclusive setting.

By doing so, we are placing three (or more) adults in a classroom to provide more support and a higher quality educational experience for you child.



Are you looking for a robust learning environment for your child? Does more help and additional masters of the material in each class sound like a dream?  Do you want your child in a classroom with award winning teachers?

Ask about our full inclusion program: marc.sahara@lausd.net

*Text written by Sebastian and Chelsea (Class of 2022), edited by Alicia (Class of 2022).


Mr. Sahara and Mr. Nkwocha speak at The Inclusion Collaborative Conference - Los Angeles, CA!


The Full Inclusion Pilot Program at Los Angeles High School - Year 2

This was the first conference LA High attended, the second conference (most recent) video could be seen here: https://youtu.be/UFp2l_0JP5Y Conference Video Information: Speakers: Marc Sahara & Iheanyichukwu Nkwocha, Los Angeles Senior High School The school year of 2017-18 marked our pilot year of full inclusion at Los Angeles High School. Because of the success of the program, LA High has been chosen as the model for the implementation of full inclusion for the entire Los Angeles Unified School District. The Inclusion Program was also awarded the 2018-19 Humanities award from LAUSD. Multiple special education and general education students have won leadership and achievement awards from both within and outside LAUSD through this program. Mr. Sahara and Mr. Nkwocha will share how the program originated, how it was implemented, and how we went from a pilot program to an award-winning program for the rest for the district to follow. We will also share with our viewers what a co-taught lesson plan looks like and how we actively use UDL strategies, technology, and the various co-teaching models to reach all levels of learners in our classroom.

Sahara - Game Winning Basket

The reason why I encourage all of you to join a sport, club, band or extracurricular activity is so that you will learn to work with others and how to be a teammate. Basketball changed my life and taught me how to get along with others, be part of a team (and out the team ahead of myself), accountability to myself and others, to be a leader, and to be unselfish. Things I could never had learned in a classroom or book. Additionally, being a part of a school program creates a responsibility to make a certain GPA to be eligible, which creates buy-in in the classroom. Join a Romans Team today! Contact me and I will find the activity prefect for you: marc.sahara@lausd.net

Student Athlete of the Week: Zsateau Bouyer

Student Athlete of the Week: Zsateau Bouyer Full Article: https://lasentinel.net/student-athlete-of-the-week-zsateau-bouyer.html Los Angeles high school sophomore Zsateau Bouyer has a passion for sprinting, she is ready to improve the school’s track program with her dedication. When the Romans track and field team needed more participants, she urged schoolmates to compete with her. She started with her cross country and basketball teammates, telling them about the possibility of earning a track and field scholarship. Another selling point was how track and field improve performance in other sports. “A lot of college scouts go to these track meets,” Bouyer said. “I expressed that you ran in every sport and the faster you are, the better athlete you are and running track makes you a lot stronger in every sport.” While she waited for track and field season to start, she learned about and competed in cross country. Doing the three-mile run surprised Bouyer, but she thrived as a long-distance runner. “My freshman year, I came in first place in cross country,” she said. “I had the fastest time in our league.” To train for cross country, she once had to run from L.A. High School to The Grove and back. Exercises like that made track and field practices easier. A proud moment For Bouyer was when she aided an opposing runner who was having an allergic reaction during one of her finals races. “She ended up having to go to the emergency room,” Bouyer said. “Just knowing I was able to help her even though I gave up my race for her, it meant a lot to know I saved somebody’s life that day.” For track, Bouyer competes in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x400m, and the 100m hurdles. She worked ardently to recruit other students so the Romans could have a relay team. Along with low participation, Bouyer had to battle against the negative perspective certain students had on the Romans athletics program. Her personal best in the 100m is 13.42s and she can run the 400m in 1:03.17. For the 200m, Bouyer has a record of 27.07 and finished the 100m hurdles with an 18.28 time. Running track and cross country gave her the agility needed for basketball. “It helps me move up and down the field faster than everybody,” Bouyer said. “I’ve never been on a team sport … so being on a team and all of us working together that was really cool.” Being a student athlete means putting a lot more work than an average student, according to Bouyer. She has a 3.5 GPA and her favorite class is English. In her English classes at L.A. High, she had to read and analyze Martin Luther King’s I Have A

How to Use Evidence - Colbert Report

In our "Quote Sandwich" lessons, Ms. Hussey introduced the most amazing video that incorporates how to use quotes, i.e., evidence, properly by: 1) Introducing the quote (top slice of bread); 2) citing the quote (the meat); and 3) explaining the quote (bottom slice of bread).

English Street Fighter Detox

In order to discuss English concepts such as tone, mood, setting, audience, evidence, etc. Here's another example of a commercial break break during zoom class to create a learning environment for all learners.

English Street Fighter

In our class, we use commercial breaks during zoom class to enhance student learning, here we came up with a new educational app idea" combining English concepts with one of our favorite vireo games. We believe it would be a huge hit! "Inference Correct!"

The Inclusion Program at Los Angeles Senior High School - Year 3

The Inclusion Program at Los Angels Senior High School is embarking upon its third year in existence. Getting to this point was very difficult, but truly rewarding. We want to share our experiences with others in hopes of inspiring colleagues, but to also share how we are doing so as to collaborate with others. We will update those who were in attendance last year of our progress. In addition, we will explain how inclusion has changed LA High and the "grows" and "glows" experienced along the way. The objective is to share and collaborate with others the birth of our still new inclusion program and how we have both succeeded and struggled in its implementation. We will share student stories, data, IEP examples, and best practices in hopes to further create a network of inclusion champions!

Assignment: ThrillerMorphosis Compare And Contrast Essay

Assignment: ThrillerMorphosis Compare And Contrast Essay Question: Extract evidence from credible sources of media and discuss how the video and assigned text are similar and/or different. Please use specific examples; you may also use any examples we discuss in zoom classes. Directions: Students will view the movie and write a five (5) paragraph essay (minimum) comparing and contrasting the music video with the assigned text. Essays are to be written in formal, academic language using all the skills, fundamentals, techniques, transitions, vocabulary, style, format, etc. that we have learned over the course of the year. Do your best work. Your final draft is to be typed, in MLA format. Good luck and please be creative! Common Core Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.9-10.9 Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research. Please remember: 1) Make an outline before you write! 2) Use the question to create your thesis. 3) Come up with your three (3) topics to discuss. (Example: P1-comparison, P2-comparison, P3-contrast *You choose) 4) Do body paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 first! 5) Write the Introduction (3 elements "B.A.M."). 6) Write the Conclusion (4 elements - "Big Ending"). 7) MLA format! (Works Cited and Title Page). See schoology for details on uploading your final draft. Contact me with any questions: marc.sahara@lausd.net Thank you for your dedication to school, especially while we are away, and please be safe out there! WE WILL BE BACK.

LA High's 50's Love Dance - Presented by Inclusion's Culture Club and Leadership - 2/15/20

It was all a dream - until we did it! Thank goodness we did, as school ended abruptly. We will be back - bigger, stronger and better than we were ever before!