Los Angeles High School

Congratulations Class of 2017!


Welcome to Culinary Arts. 


  • International Foods periods 2, 3, 5, and 6
  • Advanced Foods period 4.


Foods and Nutrition: This is a class designed to develop kitchen fundamentals such as sautéing, knife skills, and working as a member of a culinary team. Students gain experience in units such as yeast dough, pastry dough, chocolate work, sugar work, pasta making, frozen desserts, as well as international cuisine. In addition, students explore the integral relationship between the ingredients they use and the academic realm. For example, they learn how to cost out a recipe through unit conversion and how to determine gross and net profit in a food service establishment. They write reviews about restaurants they have visited and compose food experience narratives. In addition, they explore the chemistry of frozen desserts, the science of baker’s yeast, as well as the history of chocolate making and world sugar production. Students who are curious about the culinary arts and / or who desire to broaden their existing knowledge would do well to take the class.


Advanced Foods: Students are given the opportunity to develop more advanced kitchen skills such as spice identification, braising, grilling, sauce making / plating, and French pastry technique including making tartlets, individual pastries, and fillings. They are encouraged to experiment, create, and explore all the while developing their own culinary voice. They assist in the preparation of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts for on-campus events such as dances, receptions, and student breakfasts in which they gain experience in large volume food preparation and working as a member of a kitchen team. Students develop an understanding of the food service industry and issues relating to operating a restaurant such as management, finance, human resources, and marketing. Many former Advanced Foods students have continued their culinary education in professional cooking schools and have subsequently pursued careers in the culinary arts.


Mr. Davis:   Mr. Davis began cooking and baking in restaurants as a high school student. During college, he worked in steak houses, Northern Italian and French restaurants, as well as catering companies which he continued to do even after beginning his teaching career. He feels extremely fortunate to have worked with a number of executive and sous chefs who took the time to teach him invaluable lessons that no cookbook or YouTube video could ever have provided and he continues to pass on that knowledge to the next generation of budding culinarians.